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Gutter cleaning

Bird droppings, salt, dirt and debris collect in your gutters over a period of time if they’re not checked regularly and they can end up looking like this. Not a pretty sight and quite detrimental to the condition of your property. We get up there using ladders and clear the gutters out manually. In extreme cases we use a cherry picker. Sometimes we have to replace a seal or a bracket which we do at no extra cost to you.

clogged guttering    sludge in gutter    2    7

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning can make your property shine. With dirty gutters you cant always see what the problem is, whereas with a roof it stands out like a sore thumb.   

Roof Before 1    IMG_1757    22    roof cleaning ladder

Ivy Removal

We also specialize in removing overgrown ivy. If your property is beset with out of control ivy give us a call and we’ll come and get rid of it for you

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Patios and Driveways

We clean, repair and upgrade patios and driveways.

IMG_3104     photo2     Patio re-laid     8. New lightweight removable decking cover