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Roof cleaning can really smarten up your property

Alongside our gutter cleaning and replacement service we also clean roofs, so while we are up there why not get a quote from us for doing that too? The difference it makes can really be worth it as you can see by the pics and client testimonials below:

“All wonderful thank you, just wish I had found you sooner.  Will certainly be in touch again should I need anything else, and will recommend to all my neighbours too. Kind regards.”

Philip James

“Thanks for this and for the work you carried out here today. l I am very pleased with it and will definitely recommend you to any friends or neighbours who want to have their roof cleaned.”

Mr McMahon

“Wow, what a difference! I can’t quite believe how great it looks. My roof looks as good as new. Thanks for the great job along with the excellent and professional service. Your guys were polite and very efficient.”

D. Murdoch

Why should I get my roof cleaned? Well, as you can see from the pictures above, it makes a huge difference to the look of your property. However, roof cleaning is not just a cosmetic service. In addition to making it look almost as good as new, our roof cleaning services can save you money on future repair work. There is actually a direct connection between the cleanliness and condition of your roof, and future leaks and water damage to your home.

How it’s done: The most effective method of roof cleaning is the power wash. We use this system on all but the most delicate roof structures because it does such an amazing job. We use a jet of high pressure water to individually clean each tile on your roof. This strips all growth and moss completely, restoring the tiles to almost new condition. We always start power-washing from the top and work downwards so there’s no possibility of water getting into your loft. Following that we can treat the roof with a sealant which will prevent further moss growth and fill any potential cracks or gaps in between the tiles. You don’t have to have the sealant, in fact some types of roof tiles don’t need it, but it can assist with preventing moss and algae growing back so it’s definitely worth it.