An MOT of your gutters

gutter pulled apartRegular maintenance costs little and saves lots. How many times have you heard that? It’s true though and it applies to pretty much anything. Take your car for instance. You have it serviced because you want it to start in the morning, to stop when you apply the brakes and to run efficiently and economically. You have your gas boiler serviced because you want it to run cleanly and efficiently and not break down in the dead of winter. So why wouldn’t you have your gutters checked and cleaned at least once a year?

Those out of the way strips of curved plastic way up on the roof prevent your house being deluged with thousands of gallons of rainwater every year. They are vital to ensuring that damp doesn’t get into the inside of your house, yet most people never give their gutters a second thought.

IMG_0525All that’s needed is a clean out, a check of all the seals, brackets and clamps and a wash through to test for leaks. It takes no more than an hour. Once it’s done you can be sure that you won’t have a problem throughout the winter.

befor after picOur busiest time is late Autumn. This is because the leaves have fallen and this, combined with generally heavier rainfall can cause Gutters to get blocked. As winter approaches these damp clumps of leaves, moss and debris can cause water to pool up in the gutters and once it drops below freezing this can turn to ice. This can all be avoided by getting your gutters checked and cleaned before the really nasty weather starts to bite.

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