Ivy and plant growth removal

Removing unwanted plant growth from your walls and gutters

Dead Ivy is an eyesore. The problem is it tends to stay stuck or entwined on the external walls and it’s never easy to remove. However, with the right equipment it’s fairly straightforward. This house was covered with the stuff but we soon got rid of it using tall ladders and cutting tools

                      DEAD IVY ON BRICKWORK                                                           AFTER IVY WAS REMOVED

dead ivy                      ivy cleared off walls


The same goes for climbing plants when they start to clog up gutters. They’re hard to remove because they are high up. They have to be carefully cut away or the gutters they are covering can become dislodged.

                                          BEFORE                                                                                          AFTER

Plants clogging up gutters                       Plants cut back from guttering

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