We provide a complete ivy removal service from walls and roofs in all London and Essex postcodes.

Ivy Removal



  • Ivy growing on the walls of your house can sometimes look very nice but the truth is can do quite a lot of damage to the brickwork.
  • Mortar joints can erode as the ivy roots dig into it.
  • Moisture collects against the walls much easier and stays there much longer.
  • Sticky ivy also attracts insects who feed off the sap
  • Rats, mice and squirrels have been known to climb up wall ivy and enter three story high windows!

Some types of ivy stick to the walls and when removed the brickwork is left with with a spiders web of hard to remove stains. We can remove this and leave the bricks in as good as new condition

Other Services

Gutter Cleaning / Repairs

We clean out the gutters by hand which gives us the opportunity to closely inspect all the brackets, joins and seals at the same time. Broken loose or repairable items are dealt with there and then. Our 5 point checklist ensures nothing is missed

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Gutter Replacements

We replace completely missing sections, damaged beyond repair guttering, downpipes, hoppers, that have fallen off, etc.

We supply and install all types of guttering with several colours and materials for you to choose from. Black, white, brown, grey. Plastic, composite, metal, aluminium, etc.

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Fascia & Soffit Replacement

We always advise replacing with composite boards as these won’t rot in the future. The old fascias are completely removed and replaced with new. In some cases the existing fascias can be capped, a process where new composite boards are affixed over the existing ones.

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Roof Cleaning

If your roof is covered in moss or algae this can rapidly get washed into your guttering and block it up. It can also damage your roof tiles if it’s left there too long. If you’re getting your gutters cleaned and serviced, why not at the same time have your roof cleaned. We have a dedicated roof cleaning team ready to service you all year round

Pressure washing or dry scraping of roofs removes moss, lichen and algae buildup on roofs. Our skilled operators are trained to work at height and in most cases will leave your roof looking like the day it was installed. We also offer a roof sealing service to protect the roof and drastically slow down subsequent buildup of growth in the future.

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Roof Tiles & Flashing Repairs

Leaking gutters aren’t the only cause of damp or water ingress into buildings. While clearing out gutters we sometimes come across other issues that need to be resolved, i.e. roof tile have slipped and ended up lodged in the guttering, or we find excess mortar and debris that shouldn’t be there, etc. These are red flags indicating that something else is amiss up there that would otherwise have remained out of sight and out of mind. Slipped roof tiles can be caused by rusty clout nails or rotten battens. Excess mortar can be caused by chimney stacks or flashings eroding. Being up at roof level with a camera gives us a unique vantage point to observe, close up, hard to access areas. If present, we immediately bring these to the clients attention so they can make an informed decision as to how to remedy the situation.

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Solar Panel Cleaning & Bird Netting

Roof mounted solar panels can get dirty and birds like to shelter or nest in the gap between the roof and the panels. Preventing any form of wildlife from getting in there is paramount to ensuring the panels and wiring continue to function at optimum capacity. In most cases wire mesh netting keeps the little critters out. .

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