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Providing a complete gutter cleaning and repair service across London and Essex, including all London postcodes.


The fact is, unless you’re willing to clamber up the ladder yourself there’s no easy way for you to see what’s been done so we ALWAYS take pictures of those hard to access areas and send these to you along with the invoice. There’s really no better way to show that the job’s been done right.

Very useful for insurance purposes, or if you can’t be there when we do the work.

We can also email these to you.


Every individual job is different and there are several methods we employ to safely access gutters, roofs and remove unwanted ivy.


In the majority of cases ladders suffice to access most properties up to three stories high.


Used for extra high elevations above 3 stories.


This is a kind of cherrypicker but with a difference. We use a spider for really difficult to access areas where there is limited space on the ground


Generally a more expensive option but sometimes the only way when access over glass roof conservatories or very tight areas inhibits the use of ladders, cherrypickers or spiders.


A very useful system we employ where access is constrained or difficult by any other means. Usually employed on industrial gutters or relatively new gutter systems that aren’t leaking but are blocked.


Sounds a bit extreme, but In some cases when there is no other way of accessing extremely difficult to access areas we employ abseilers to do the job.


We give a 12 month guarantee on all replacement parts fitted.

Gutter Cleaning / Repairs

We clean out the gutters by hand which gives us the opportunity to closely inspect all the brackets, joins and seals at the same time. Broken loose or repairable items are dealt with there and then. Our 5 point checklist ensures nothing is missed

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Gutter Replacements

We replace completely missing sections, damaged beyond repair guttering, downpipes, hoppers, that have fallen off, etc.

We supply and install all types of guttering with several colours and materials for you to choose from. Black, white, brown, grey. Plastic, composite, metal, aluminium, etc.

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Ivy Removal

If the external brickwork of your house is blighted by unsightly dead ivy, or if climbing plants have taken over your guttering and blocked it we can remove it for you. Sticky ivy can attract unwanted insects. Birds nest in it and rodents have been known to climb up and enter bedroom windows via it. If you don’t want it, we can remove it for you.

We remove all types of Ivy and take it all away to an authorised disposal site, then do a thorough cleanup afterwards. Some types of ivy are more aggressive than others and can damage the surface they were attached to. Resin based ivy can leave tendril stains. This isn’t usually visible till the ivy has been completely removed. If repairs or repainting are needed after the ivy has been removed we will quote you for this separately.

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Fascia & Soffit Replacement

We always advise replacing with composite boards as these won’t rot in the future. The old fascias are completely removed and replaced with new. In some cases the existing fascias can be capped, a process where new composite boards are affixed over the existing ones.

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Roof Cleaning

If your roof is covered in moss or algae this can rapidly get washed into your guttering and block it up. It can also damage your roof tiles if it’s left there too long. If you’re getting your gutters cleaned and serviced, why not at the same time have your roof cleaned. We have a dedicated roof cleaning team ready to service you all year round

Pressure washing or dry scraping of roofs removes moss, lichen and algae buildup on roofs. Our skilled operators are trained to work at height and in most cases will leave your roof looking like the day it was installed. We also offer a roof sealing service to protect the roof and drastically slow down subsequent buildup of growth in the future.

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Roof Tiles & Flashing Repairs

Leaking gutters aren’t the only cause of damp or water ingress into buildings. While clearing out gutters we sometimes come across other issues that need to be resolved, i.e. roof tile have slipped and ended up lodged in the guttering, or we find excess mortar and debris that shouldn’t be there, etc. These are red flags indicating that something else is amiss up there that would otherwise have remained out of sight and out of mind. Slipped roof tiles can be caused by rusty clout nails or rotten battens. Excess mortar can be caused by chimney stacks or flashings eroding. Being up at roof level with a camera gives us a unique vantage point to observe, close up, hard to access areas. If present, we immediately bring these to the clients attention so they can make an informed decision as to how to remedy the situation.

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Solar Panel Cleaning & Bird Netting

Roof mounted solar panels can get dirty and birds like to shelter or nest in the gap between the roof and the panels. Preventing any form of wildlife from getting in there is paramount to ensuring the panels and wiring continue to function at optimum capacity. In most cases wire mesh netting keeps the little critters out. .

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Gutters are cleared manually (by hand) This is the most thorough way of doing it so that nothing is missed


While cleaning out your guttering, if we find any obvious defects such as a loose bracket or dislodged seal, these will be repaired or replaced and at no additional cost to you. All included in the price.


Blocked gutters can bow and warp if they get full of moss, debris or frozen water. If we find this has occurred we will adjust them so the rainwater flows to the downpipes.


We wash through the gutters to ensure there are no more leaks. Our intention is to leave you with fully functioning, leak-free gutters and downpipes.

Ivy Removal

Ivy can make a building look attractively aged or picturesque, but it can also be dangerous, causing structural damage and disasters when left to grow unchecked.

  • Ivy does have many wildlife and decorative benefits. It's a great habitat for wildlife both as shelter and late season nectar and pollen for bees and berries in winter. However if left to get out of control in confined spaces, it can create a sail effect, adding drag to structures, making walls 'top heavy'.
  • The biggest problem that ivy can cause is that it eventually finds its way into your gutters and causes blockages.
  • In addition to the risk of roots penetrating any cracks and crevices, plant life will hold a certain amount of water. Having wet leaves, roots and branches close up against your walls always carries a risk of the damp leaching through to the inside of your home
Ivy clad house

Gutter Replacement


  • Damp patches in the upper corners of bedroom walls
  • Annoying drips coming from somewhere up on the roof
  • Unusual creaking noises in windy conditions
  • The guttering appears to be bowing out of shape
  • You can see things growing in the gutters

Nine times out of ten you’ll only pay attention to guttering when it fails. Unfortunately this is quite often during a heavy downpour or when something comes apart or falls off. At that point it becomes an urgent issue which needs rectifying immediately. If you notice something awry with your gutters don’t leave it too long to do something about it as it’s not going to fix itself.

By Bird Proofing your Solar Panels, you can protect your Solar Panels and your Green Energy Investment.

  • Ensure that pigeons, squirrels and other vermin can no longer gain access.
  • The area immediately under roof fitted Solar Panels is a favourite nesting place for pigeons and other problem birds as it offers protection from the elements and keeps them safe from many of their natural predators
  • Friendly & Professional Service. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our bird protection pricing is fully inclusive, and because we use a specialist team of roofers, we can complete the vast majority of installations without the need for scaffolding, minimising costs, lead-time and inconvenience.

Roof Cleaning

Gutters get clogged up and we clear and repair them but we also clean roofs, and here’s why.

Bird droppings, moss and muck accumulate on the roof tiles over the years. They not only make the roof look old and tired they also damage the tiles

  • We systematically work our way across the roof using roof ladders and harnesses and clean all the mess off.
  • In all, this can take a day or two, depending on the size of the roof and the weather conditions.
  • The end product,is a vast transformation from the condition it was in previously to looking almost as new.


Just some of the feedback from our customers

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"We are extremely pleased with the thorough and efficient way that the company dealt with our problematic ivy which had quickly crept over to the property next door. The invoice was detailed and based on the photographs that you quite rightly requested from us. Communication was excellent particularly on the day of your visit. Also, thank you for the photographs showing the progress of the work that you attached to the invoice. We will be recommending your service.""

smiley face

J. F.

N2 0RZ

"Found this company some years ago, easy to deal with, fast service and they now carry out bi annual Gutter Cleaning for our commercial property. Highly recommend.

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"We just wanted to reach out and say how amazing the guys were with the Ivy Removal. It was not an easy task but they did an absolutely amazing job! They worked incredibly hard and went above and beyond the job. The garden was left immaculate and we were super impressed by their professionalism. If you could please pass on our feedback, we would appreciate it.

Thanks again!

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North london

“The team came this morning. Ivy removed! Thank you very much, they were superb and really lovely.

Please let them know we got sign off from the neighbour - she is very pleased with the result.

If she’s happy, I’m happy!

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Mr.J. Berry

London S.W.4

“Very impressed with the rapid response. Two men were outside my house setting up ladders at 9 am, the morning after I called, and had finished cleaning my gutters by 10 am. I appreciated the before and after photos as I would never have been able to get up there to check the work done myself. Many thanks, will recommend.”

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Mr Cook

SW18 3DT

"Ivy removal" job which I needed to get done asap. The team was really great and the work's exactly as I wanted, fast response, result better than I hoped for. Thanks to all"

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Mrs Walker


"Just had two of your employees round to clear my gutters and have to say, they did an amazing job! Very polite too! Will definitely recommend your business to my friends. And Tina , your office lady - what a lovely, helpful lady she is! Really impressed with your business, will definitely use you again."

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Mr Pearce


"I want to say how easy it was dealing with Pro Gutter Cleaning. I emailed them with the details of the work I wanted carried out. They sent a quote back quickly & a date to carry out the work was arranged.The men who came, arrived on time & carried out the work plus a couple of other minor issues at no extra charge. They were friendly & I found it a pleasure dealing with them".

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G. G.


"Thanks so much for fitting us in at short notice, brilliant service, gutters cleared and unblocked and the repair was a bonus, we will be calling you again!"

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