One hour response time gutter clearance London N2

“Very happy with the speedy service. Will definitely use you again,”  LM

This was the review given us by a lady in London N2 who called us at 2.30pm. She wanted her gutters cleaned on that day because she was in and wouldn’t likely be available for another week or so. Our estimator took a short description of the problem (moss and plants growing out of the gutters and overflowing rainwater) then, gave her a fixed price over the phone which she agreed to. Our estimator then passed the job over to our job coordinator who immediately contacted the gutter cleaning team who were nearest to her at the time. They were just completing another gutter cleaning job in N16. This team were then despatched to N2 and within an hour were up ladders and clearing out the gutters. This is the result:

                                                BEFORE                                                                                        AFTER

       Before London N2        one hour response gutter clean

Two hours from Phone call to completion. Our work is fast, efficiently done and guaranteed for six months.

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