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Fixed price service (no hidden extras) – call now to get a free quote over the phone 

guarantee stampcameraGUARANTEE: All work we do is covered by our no quibble twelve month guarantee. That means if there’s a problem we’ll come back and rectify it free of charge

DOCUMENTATION: We always take before/after photos of work we do at high level so you have these for your records and also so you can actually see what was done

gutter cleaner man climbing a ladder

Gutter cleaning & repairs – Heathfield

After the winter weather has ravaged the exterior of your home its always a good idea to get your gutters checked, cleared and serviced. By “serviced” we mean unblocked, inspected, tested and adjusted so they work properly, are secure and don’t leak. Kind of like the MOT you do on your car or motorbike every year only it’s on your house instead. Any parts we have to renew are included in the fixed price we quote you. If we have to replace a dodgy seal or broken bracket it’s all part of the price.

downpipe dislodged downpipe replaced               hopper blocked with leaves cleared hopper

Roof Cleaning – Heathfield

Cleaning the roof of your property can make a dramatic difference to not only the look of it but also the potential value of the place. You only have to see the before/after photos here to see why that is. Roof cleaning usually only takes a full day. If you want it sealed we usually come back the next day once its dry.

dirty roof tiles      man on roof jetwashing it      roof cleaning ladder       Roof tiles after cleaning

Ivy removal – Heathfield

Ivy can easily grow out of control. Before you know what’s happening its gotten into the gutters and blocked them up and sometimes it will eat into the brickwork pulling the mortar away. In severe cases its been known to cause damp inside the house. Removing ivy is fairly straightforward. We use ladders and cut it away in sections starting from the top. However, if it’s a resin based plant such as English or Boston Ivy it can sometimes leave nasty stains on brickwork and rendered walls. Once we’ve removed the main bulk of the ivy the extent of the damage, if any, will then be visible. You can then decide if you want to repair it yourself or we can then give you an additional quote to do it.

Ivy growing up front of house    Ivy removed from front of house but wall is stained           Ivy groing up external corner of house Ivy removed from corner of house)