Providing a complete gutter cleaning and repair service across London and Essex, including all London postcodes.

Gutter Services


  • Damp patches in the upper corners of bedroom walls
  • Annoying drips coming from somewhere up on the roof
  • Unusual creaking noises in windy conditions
  • The guttering appears to be bowing out of shape
  • You can see things growing in the gutters

Nine times out of ten you’ll only pay attention to guttering when it fails. Unfortunately this is quite often during a heavy downpour or when something comes apart or falls off. At that point it becomes an urgent issue which needs rectifying immediately. If you notice something awry with your gutters don’t leave it too long to do something about it as it’s not going to fix itself.


Leaves and branches and other debris can build up over time and prevent the rainwater from flowing away, usually this occurs where the flow diverts the rainwater into a hopper or where there is a bend in a downpipe.

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For guttering to work properly it needs to be set at a slight angle to ensure all the rainwater runs away (usually about a 3 degree drop). If for some reason a bracket breaks or comes away from the gutter board it’s attached to this can create a dip in the guttering causing water to pool. The more water that accumulates, the heavier it becomes and eventually the water spills over the side. This not only causes leaks, it can also be a safety hazard. Fascia boards can rot causing the gutter bracket screws which secure the brackets in place to pull away under the weight of the guttering, more so if it has excess water pooling inside it. It’s a vicious cycle: the brackets come loose, the gutters go out of alignment and rainwater pools up. The heavier it gets, the worse it gets.

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Failed Joins:

Lengths of guttering are connected together with joint sections that have pliable rubber seals. These seals have to cope with thermal expansion and contraction (you can literally hear this occurring on hot sunny days) Over time these rubber seals can become hard and brittle allowing rainwater to leak through them.

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Missing or dislodged sections:

Guttering and or downpipes can come apart, joins can become dislodged or even have missing sections altogether.

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Faulty gutterboards: (also referred to as fascia boards)

These are generally either made of wood or composite. The gutters are held in place by these boards. If they are rotten or not securely fixed to the property the effectiveness of the guttering will be compromised.

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Excess Ivy growth:

Ivy can grow at an exponential rate and eventually creep over and into the gutters causing them to block and in extreme cases even pull them away from their moorings. It can also get in and under roof tiles, pull flashings off and damage mortar joints.

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Gutter Cleaning & Minor Repairs

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are cleared manually (by hand) This is the most thorough way of doing it so that nothing is missed

Minor Repairs

Broken loose or repairable items are dealt with there and then.

Quality Assurance

Our 5 point checklist ensures nothing is missed

Major Gutter Repairs

We replace completely missing sections, damaged beyond repair guttering, downpipes, hoppers, that have fallen off, etc.

Full Gutter Replacement

We supply and install all types of guttering with several colours and materials for you to choose from. .

Black, white, brown, grey. Plastic, composite, metal, aluminium, etc

  • Mini Guttering 76mm
  • Standard Roungd Gutters 112mm
  • Ogee Gutters
  • Square Gutters
  • Deep Flow Gutters
  • Valley Gutters
  • Recessed Roof Gutters
  • Flat Roof Drainage Systems
  • Parapet Guttering
  • Industrial Guttering


We always advise replacing with composite boards as these won’t rot in the future.

The old fascias are completely removed and replaced with new.

Why not also get your roof cleaned at the same time?

Roof Cleaning

Many gutter problems are associated to roofs that have accumulated moss and dirt over a period of time. This clings to the roof then gets washed down into the gutters causing them to block up.

We clean many roofs to alleviate this exact problem.