Gutter and roof glass cleaning Hyde Park Gate London SW7

Pro Gutter Cleaning were called out to clear leaves from the roof gutters that had accumulated on a rooftop in Hyde Park Gate, London SW7. The gutters were so clogged that water was pooling up in them when it rained. This is a common occurrance in early December, after the trees have shed thier leaves. Access to the roof was difficult. The only way onto the parapet was through the windows of the upper floors. Once the leaves had been removed the downpipe, which had previously been completely blocked with leaves, was now open and able to take the rainwater away.

        leaves blocking gutter          gutter cleaned out

                                              BEFORE                                                                                             AFTER

There was also a fair amount of glass on the roof in the form of apexed roof lites and skylights. This had become quite dirty due to the accumulation of algae and general dirt from the rain and road traffic down below. Our professional window cleaners soaked the glass in hot soapy water for an hour then cleaned it.

                   clean glass 

                                             BEFORE                                                                                                  AFTER

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