Gutter Repairs2019-01-23T12:06:06+01:00

Gutter manheavy rainGutters and downpipes can fail and can cause all manner of problems. Rainwater can cascade down through a broken seal or bent gutter and cause quite a bit of damage in a short time. The amount of rainwater that comes off your roof in a downpour can sometimes be enough to fill a water butt. But repairing gutters and downpipes isn’t rocket science, though it’s not always feasible for a homeowner to reach the damaged sections. It’s also quite dangerous, so leave it to the professionals to do it for you. Pro Gutter Cleaners are specialists in quickly and efficiently repairing or replacing faulty guttering.

Below you can see a section of guttering that split at the join and a downpipe that came away from the wall when the bracket holding it snapped:

broken gutter seal            snapped downpipe bracket


Pro Gutter Cleaning operatives quickly repaired these and now they work perfectly.


Job done!