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blocked gutterA happy landlord and dry tenants:

This was a classic case of blocked gutters causing serious problems and fast service to remedy the situation. The landlord of this property in Palmers Green, London N22 called Pro Gutter Cleaning after his tenants complained of water seeping in through the windows and damp patches appearing on the bedroom walls. Our gutter cleaners responded the next day and found the reason: mud in gutter

The gutters were so clogged that even the mesh guard that sits above the downpipe to stop debris falling down it was overwhelmed and blocked up.

It took just over an hour to manually scoop out the accumulated mush of rotten leaves and other debris. In total, 5 buckets of s*** was removed and taken away.

A dislodged downpipe was put back into the hopper, the muck was cleaned out of the guttering and the seals and brackets were then checked for leaks and repaired as needed

downpipe dislodged    downpipe fixed         muck in gutter    cleaned out gutter

The end result was free flowing gutters and no more leaks.

The landlord was so impressed with the speed of service and result that he has given Pro Gutter Cleaning the next property to do.

It doesn’t take long and it doesn’t cost much to completely clear the gutters on a property. If you live in North London and you have a problem with your gutters let Pro Gutter Cleaning deal with it. You’ll save money in the long run.

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