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Kent, is “The Garden Of England” which means it has more than it’s fair share of trees and of course in the Autumn those trees shed their leaves by the tens of millions. Many of these leaves find their way into your guttering. Quite often they lie there unnoticed through the winter, then turn to mulch during the wet spring months. Before you know it you’ve got a ready made compost heap up there which, if the summer months are moist and sunny can cause plants to start growing up there, just like the ones shown here which our gutter cleaners were called out to deal with.

 We don’t just clear the gutters out, we check all the seals and brackets and replace any that are faulty and we take before after photos so you can see what was done without having to climb up there yourself. We also guarantee our work for a full year.

                              Ivy and lichen removal                                                                              Roof cleaning                            

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