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Gutter cleaning, repairs & replacement service – Horsham

Gutter cleaner* Call us now and get a free fixed price quote over the phone

* All work fully guaranteed for twelve months

* Five star service on every call out

* Photos taken Before & After

We are specialists in high level gutter cleaning, repairs & maintenance and deliver a service that’s similar to an MOT on your car or bike. When you get an MOT done the end result should be a vehicle that is safe, secure and works as it should. You then get a certificate that lasts twelve months. Well, we do the exact same thing for your gutters.

Here’s how bad gutters can get

Here you see some pictures of gutters we have been called out to clear. Each one was a disaster waiting to happen.

weeds in gutter         garden roof gutter     water filled gutter   moss and lichen in gutter

What does our Five Star service include??

  • Firstly, we get up there, usually by ladders, and clear out the growth and debris by hand.
  • We then carry out any repairs needed and replace any faulty seals, brackets or clamps.
  • Then we wash the gutters through to clean them thoroughly and also check for leaks. If there are any we fix them.
  • When we are sure there are no leaks we then do a water flow test which shows whether the water is pooling or running away fully. If it isn’t we adjust the levels of the gutters, sometimes adding a few clamps to secure them in the correct position.
  • Once that’s all done we clean up and the job is complete. 

Gutter cleaner on roof       Blocked downpipe being repaired       Gutter joint   Hosing gutters during water test

Here’s what one customer has to say about our service

“Emailed in – reply received – booking made – team attended – job done. Brilliant service. Will recommend.” R.M

Our commitment to you:

Clean, leak free gutters that are correctly aligned, securely fixed and fully functional including a twelve months guarantee.

Clean guttering     new soffits, fascias and gutters      Guttering fully clean      White gutters, soffits and fascias

cameraWhat proof do I have that the work has actually been done?

We always take before/after photos so you can see exactly what’s been done up there. These can be shown to you by our workmen while they’re on site but will also be sent to you by email along with your invoice so you’ll always have a record of the work that’s been done.