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BEFORE & AFTER PICTURES: Pro Gutter Cleaning were called out to a detached property in Radlett. They were totally blocked up with copious amounts of dirt, moss and debris and weren’t working properly at all. The owner of the property knew there was a problem but he had no idea how bad it was until we got up there and started work. Now the gutters are cleared the rainwater runs away to the drains and the problem is solved.

The gutters on your house are often the most neglected item. That’s because you can’t see inside them. Usually you’ll only know there’s a problem when the gutters get to what we term the “tipping point” and rainwater starts seeping over because it has nowhere else to go. You can see a few pictures here to illustrate what the tipping point is:

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Now you have to do something about it, or you have to call someone in to handle it for you (recommended) It’s a long way up there. Leave it to those who do this for a living. Much safer. Our gutter cleaners can usually have everything cleared out and working properly inside an hour.

BEFORE                                                                           AFTER 

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freezing guttersth (7)If these gutters had been left till the winter they would have blocked solid into difficult to remove clumps of rock hard dirty ice. It’s always wise to have your guttering checked before the temperatures drop to near freezing.

We give a 12 month guarantee on all work we do.

“Just like to say thank you for being so prompt and for doing such a thorough job.”
Mr Jensen. Radlett