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wind and leavesOxshott is one of those beautiful Surrey villages that are a pleasure to visit and drive through. However, in the Autumn the trees shed their leaves by the millions.

The trouble with that is, those leaves can end up in your open gutters and cause a lot of problems.

To show you what we mean, here are a few examples of gutters that Pro Gutter Cleaning operatives have had to deal with due to leaves blocking them up.



leaves and water       roof garden gutters      blocked guttering

Not a pretty sight is it. However, it’s easily dealt with by the professionals. Pro Gutter Cleaning will tackle the problem by clearing them out by hand, washing them through, checking that all the rubber seals on the joints are sound and the brackets are firmly fixed to the fascia boards. We wont leave until we’re sure they are fully operational and looking like the ones below.


How gutters should look      free running guttering      clean gutter

th (8)Our work is fully guaranteed so you will have peace of mind that in the unlikely event there is still a problem we will return and fix it completely free of charge.

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