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Pro Gutter Cleaning are a local company servicing the areas in and around Doddinghurst, Fox Hatch and Chipping Ongar and other Essex towns and villages.

If your gutters are blocked or leaking get them cleared out. It will save you money in the long run.

Before London N2If you think your gutters are clogged or you can see plants growing out of them like this one don’t leave it too long or you could end up with bigger problems such as damp patches on your internal walls, rotten fascia boards, damaged mortar joints in your brickwork

CM5 gutterWe offer an efficient and speedy four point service for an agreed and fixed price that consists of the following:  1. Manually clearing the debris out of your gutters. 2. Checking that all connections and seals are in good order and repairing or replacing any that are faulty. 3. Checking for broken brackets or clamps and replacing them if needed. 4. Washing your gutters through and doing a final check to ensure they are aligned correctly and functioning as they should.

th (8)th (12)We guarantee all our repair and replacement work for a full twelve months.

We also take before/after photos so you can see what was done