Gutter cleaning

We perform any necessary guttering repairs as a matter of course at no additional cost to you and guarantee everything we do for 12 months. That means that in the unlikely event there’s a problem within twelve months due to something we missed we’ll come back and rectify it at no cost to you – and we always come back! That’s why Pro Gutter Cleaning are the best option for homeowners, landlords and businesses alike

  • Gutters and downpipes cleared, removing any blockages, debris, silt or moss, generally using ladders.
  • All seals, brackets, clamps and fixtures checked by hand and replaced if faulty
  • Alignment and flow rate of the gutters is checked and remedied if needed
  • Thorough cleanup afterwards

Gutter joint     totally clear guttering     cleared hopper     Downpipe

   Gutter joints replaced                   Gutters cleared                        Hoppers unblocked                 Downpipes repaired

CameraWe always take before and after photos of all high level work we carry out. This is done so you have a full documentation of what was done. These photos will be sent to you by email along with your invoice


Our services are not limited to just gutters. We do much more. See below for details:


Roof cleaning

  • Roofs professionally cleaned using bio degradable solvents
  • Minor roof repairs carried out prior to cleaning
  • Usually done in one day
  • Roofs sealed and even re-coloured
  • Thorough cleanup done before we leave

 Dirty roof tiles    Roof tiles cleaned     Filthy roof    Cleaned roof

                                  BEFORE / AFTER                                                                           BEFORE / AFTER


Ivy removal

  • Out of control ivy trimmed back or removed completely
  • Roots dug out or poisoned
  • Repairs to walls undertaken
  • All foliage and debris taken away 

Ivy on corner of house    Ivy removed        heavy ivy on front of house    Front of 5 story house

                                BEFORE  / AFTER                                                                           BEFORE / AFTER


Patio/driveway cleaning

dirty pavers      powerwashing driveway       Pavers cleaned    sealed pavers

If you require any of the four services listed above Call us now and get an instant quote over the phone or alternatively, send us your details and a brief description of the work you need doing via the Quick Contact form to the right. Someone will get back to you within the hour!

Fast professional service by trained workmen. All work guaranteed for twelve months. before/after photos taken.