Bonzai gutters, London N16

At first, we weren't sure whether this was an innovative way to grow Bonzai trees on the rooftop. However, the occupant of the property assured us she wasn't intending to create a roof garden, so could we remove the plant growing on top of her downpipe please, as the rainwater was pouring off the roof.                             BEFORE                                                         DURING                                                         [...]

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Frozen downpipe hopper, Essex CM14

Pro Gutter Cleaning were called out to a three story house in Warley, Essex, CM14 where the landlord was concerned about water cascading down the wall behind the downpipe. We responded the next day and found that the hopper (the spout that collects rainwater from the roof gutters) had gotten blocked up with leaves. These had [...]

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Gutter & Roof Repairs, Baker St, Central London NW1

This rooftop gulley above six prestigious apartments in Baker Street, Central London NW1 had become blocked by shattered and dislodged roof tiles causing the rainwater to pool up and seep into the rooms below.   Our professional gutter cleaners carefully cleared the debris out of the valley gutter then our roof tiler replaced/renewed the roof tiles [...]

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Gutter clearance Epsom, Surrey

Leafy Surrey may be beautiful in Autumn but the falling leaves play havoc with guttering, especially it isn't cleared out at least once a year. One house owner in Epsom, Surrey found that out the hard way. This is how his guttering looked when Pro Gutter Cleaners arrived. BEFORE                   [...]

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Gutter cleaning Wimbledon, London SW19

  These gutters atop a house in Wimbledon, London SW19 were hardly visible under the plant growth that had accumulated in and around them Our gutter cleaners cleared the plants,  muck and debris out, drained off the standing water then cleaned them through with clean water till they ran cleanly into the downpipes. The house owner no [...]

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Gutter cleaning Watford

These are before & after pictures of a blocked gutter that was causing the owner of the house in Garston, Watford some concern. The leaves had completely blocked it up and compost had begun to grow moss on top. Rainwater couldn't flow along the gutters and was cascading down over the sides. Our professional gutter cleaners [...]

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Gutter cleaners ESSEX

ESSEX GUTTER CLEANING SPECIALISTS TEL: 0208 144 3061 INSTANT QUOTES GIVEN OVER THE PHONE ALL WORK GUARANTEED FOR 12 MONTHS These gutters in Brentford, Essex were a sight to behold. The lady who called us said she thought they might be blocked. Well, she was right there! There was so much moss and foliage in [...]

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