Roof Cleaning

The benefits of Roof Cleaning

Moss and algae clinging to roof tiles are unsightly but also if left for too long can cause damage. The roof tiles can begin to decay as the lichen and moss take hold and their roots find their way into the porous top layer of the clay. The moss holds moisture on the roof, feeding from it so it’s a dwindling spiral that isn’t going to improve without intervention. The longer you leave it the worse it gets. It’s quite a straightforward and painless procedure to get rid of it though. Here you can see the difference roof cleaning can make to the overall appearance of your roof.

                                     BEFORE                                                                                             IN PROGRESS

Dirty roof                 Mr Cater DA3 (4)

When done professionally the transformation of the roof tiles can be remarkable. Don’t take our word for it, a picture paints a thousand words and from these pics we took you see what roof cleaning actually does. Prices range from £800 for a simple “up and over” terraced or semi, up to £3,500 for a big detached house. The roofs in these pictures both cost just under £1,000 to get back to as new condition. After the cleaning was finished the tiles were sealed to protect them, leaving them looking almost as good as the day they were installed.

                                      BEFORE                                                                                                  AFTER

Mr Cater DA3 (19)                 Mr Cater DA3 (13)


A: On a good day between April and September, about one day. These are the best months to have your roof cleaned. The days are longer and the roof tiles dry quickly enough so they can be sealed on the same day.


A: By pressure washing it, starting from the top and working downwards so no water gets up under the tiles and into the loft. This is the most effective way of cleaning the roof.


A: The sealer impregnates the outer layer of the clay tiles. This inhibits the possibility of roof lichen and moss taking hold and protects the tiles from the effects of “spalling” (moisture getting into the microporous holes in the clay, freezing in winter and cracking the outer layers of the tile) It won’t 100% prevent moss from taking hold again but it will retard it by many years. Most good quality sealers come with a 10 year guarantee. That means it’s guaranteed to protect the roof tiles for that long, not prevent the moss growing again.





Maintenance is a lot cheaper than repair

Exterior home maintenance is vital if you’re going to stay warm and dry. First and foremost check your roof to ensure it has all its tiles in place, the lead or zinc flashings are secure and finally that your gutters are clear, free flowing and don’t leak. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to see what the state of your roof or gutters are in because there’s no way you can get up there to check unless you have a long ladder and also aren’t afraid of heights!

Now look at the state of some houses we’ve visited. This is how bad things can get when left unchecked and it shows exactly why you should have your roof and gutters checked by a professional company at least once a year regularly. When it comes to your house, maintenance is a lot cheaper than repair!

grassy gutter      water clogged gutters      vines blocking the gutters      gutter garden!

river gutter      Before cleaning      roof pond      broken valley tiles

clogged hopper      clogged guttering      blocked gutters      damaged valley gutter and roof tiles

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Roof cleaning West Sussex

Case study Storrington, West Sussex RH20

Dirty roof


Cleaned roof


If you’re selling your house and your roof looks like this one then it may not be a bad idea to get a professional roof clean and anti mould seal done. That’s exactly what the owner of this property did and the results were ………… well, you can see for yourself.

So, how is this achieved?


power washing roofThe tiles were literally covered with bird droppings, algae and grime. The process to clean it all off is quite straightforward. First, we power-wash all the tiles starting from the top, working our way systematically down to the bottom. A section of roof approximately a metre wide is done, then the next and the next till the whole roof has been power washed. We then clean out the gutters and downpipes and flush them through with water to ensure they’re not blocked. We also check all the seals, brackets and clamps to ensure they’re not leaking.



mossy roof


clean flat roof


Once the roof is dry we apply a coat of microporous sealer which acts as a barrier to the elements and prevents algae or moss from taking hold again.

We also cleaned the flat garage roof. Now the client can put her house on the market and ask a good price for it, safe in the knowledge that the roof is in good shape.


Ivy and plant growth removal

Removing unwanted plant growth from your walls and gutters

Dead Ivy is an eyesore. The problem is it tends to stay stuck or entwined on the external walls and it’s never easy to remove. However, with the right equipment it’s fairly straightforward. This house was covered with the stuff but we soon got rid of it using tall ladders and cutting tools

                      DEAD IVY ON BRICKWORK                                                           AFTER IVY WAS REMOVED

dead ivy                      ivy cleared off walls


The same goes for climbing plants when they start to clog up gutters. They’re hard to remove because they are high up. They have to be carefully cut away or the gutters they are covering can become dislodged.

                                          BEFORE                                                                                          AFTER

Plants clogging up gutters                       Plants cut back from guttering

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Clay tile roof cleaning

Clay tile pressure wash cleaning

The pictures below show before, and after pictures we took of a clay tile roof we cleaned in Meopham, Kent. As you can see, when professionally power-washed this roof came up looking like the day it had been installed.

Mr Cater DA3 (13)Mr Cater DA3 (19)















Roof tiles collect algae which sticks to clay roof tiles. Eventually moss pockets begin to grow over the algae and over time this gradually erodes the surface of the roof. Once it really takes hold the roots of the moss find their way under the tiles and begins to lift them. After that it’s just a matter of time before the roof starts leaking and then it’s an uphill struggle to prevent the rafters from rotting.  Also, the mortar that binds the tiles together and forms a watertight seal where they join can gradually decompose as the moss takes hold. Pressure washing the tiles is an expedient and effective method of ridding your roof of this plant growth and extending the longevity of your roof. It looks good too!.






An MOT of your gutters

gutter pulled apartRegular maintenance costs little and saves lots. How many times have you heard that? It’s true though and it applies to pretty much anything. Take your car for instance. You have it serviced because you want it to start in the morning, to stop when you apply the brakes and to run efficiently and economically. You have your gas boiler serviced because you want it to run cleanly and efficiently and not break down in the dead of winter. So why wouldn’t you have your gutters checked and cleaned at least once a year?

Those out of the way strips of curved plastic way up on the roof prevent your house being deluged with thousands of gallons of rainwater every year. They are vital to ensuring that damp doesn’t get into the inside of your house, yet most people never give their gutters a second thought.

IMG_0525All that’s needed is a clean out, a check of all the seals, brackets and clamps and a wash through to test for leaks. It takes no more than an hour. Once it’s done you can be sure that you won’t have a problem throughout the winter.

befor after picOur busiest time is late Autumn. This is because the leaves have fallen and this, combined with generally heavier rainfall can cause Gutters to get blocked. As winter approaches these damp clumps of leaves, moss and debris can cause water to pool up in the gutters and once it drops below freezing this can turn to ice. This can all be avoided by getting your gutters checked and cleaned before the really nasty weather starts to bite.

Roof cleaning Uxbridge UB5

This lady’s roof in Uxbridge was in a dire state. Moss build up was causing the roof tiles to lift. Water was beginning to seep inside.

We power blasted the roof, removing all vestiges of moss and the result was a roof that looked almost as good as the day it was installed. More importantly, the leaks disappeared! Job done.


Gutter Cleaning North London

A pre winter servicing of your gutters is the same as a pre winter checkup of your car or your gas boiler. It ensures your gutters can withstand everything the elements throw at them and still remain in a functional state. The last thing you want is for your gutters to fail in the middle of a heavy storm. In much the same way that you don’t want your car to break down in a heavy downpour or your boiler to pack up in the dead of winter.

This gutter system was so blocked with foliage that the rainwater was cascading over the conservatory roof and causing it to leak. Once it was cleared out the leaks stopped.

BEFORE                                                                             AFTER

Foilage in guttersFoiliage cleared out of gutters