Roof cleaning Uxbridge UB5

This lady’s roof in Uxbridge was in a dire state. Moss build up was causing the roof tiles to lift. Water was beginning to seep inside. We power blasted the roof, removing all vestiges of moss and the result was a roof that looked almost as good as the day it was installed. More importantly, […]

Gutter cleaning Twickenham TW9

This lady called us because her guttering seemed to be overflowing and damp patches were beginning to appear in her bedroom. It’s easy to see why! The gutters were virtually clogged to the point where the water was just backing up and seeping over the sides of the gutters. We got to work, cleaning all the […]

Gutter Cleaning Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green Gutter Cleaning – Case Study. July 2012 Start of July 2012 was Wet, Wet, Wet! We had more calls than in any other previous July. A call came in from a chap in Bethnal Green who owned a three story house with blocked/clogged gutters which were causing the rain water to cascade down from […]

Gutter cleaning London W6

These gutters on a house in London W6 had obviously not been cleaned for quite some time. There was so much muck in them the rainwater had nowhere to go but over the sides. It took our professional gutter cleaners an hour to clear them out. We then checked that no brackets had broken and that […]

Gutter cleaning Bromley

Here you can see a blocked gutter on a house we visited in Bromley. They were full almost to the brim with moss, debris and lots of stagnant water. If the client had left this any longer they would most likely have buckled under the weight and come away from the fascia boards.     […]

Gutter Cleaning North London

A pre winter servicing of your gutters is the same as a pre winter checkup of your car or your gas boiler. It ensures your gutters can withstand everything the elements throw at them and still remain in a functional state. The last thing you want is for your gutters to fail in the middle […]

Your Local Gutter Cleaners

We are your local gutter cleaning service. Pro Gutter Cleaning provides a quick-response, no hassle gutter cleaning and repair service at a FIXED PRICE that we can give you over the phone. Tel: 0208 144 3061 (office hours) Mobile: 07808 794257 (anytime) email: Customer testimonials: “Thank you. Very happy with the service, on time, courteous and […]

Brighton Gutters Unblocked, BN1

Professional Gutter Cleaners recieved a phone call from a customer in Brighton who had a blocked gutter causing water to spill down the wall causing damp…

Emergency Gutter Clearing, N16 London

Our emergency gutter clearing service covers all of North London, Central London and Surrey. Thousands of pounds of property damage can be avoided by simply calling us immediately to remedy the blocked, overflowing or damaged gutters. Case Study We were recently contacted for a serious gutter overflow problem in North London, N16, where the gutters were overflowing due to […]

How to make the outside of your home more attractive

Making the outside of your home more attractive can be done quite easily with some clean up steps. Here we give a few pointers about making your home more attractive on the outside.